Dan T.

I called for a non-emergency plumbing issue and they were able to send someone out about an hour later. The plumber explained to me what was going on and went through a few options. He was friendly and got the work done quickly.

Melissa J.

Brad was friendly and very pleasant to work with. He explained what he was doing and was very efficient in fixing my backed drains. I was very happy with the service I received.

Jason D.

This is the company to call if you have drain problems. They know there stuff.

Sherrie M.

Guy was great, on time, very courteous. Was very patient and great with my dog (A+). Got my sink working and recommend a product to help going forward. Pretty good experience would definitely call them again.

Paul C.

We called on a Sunday, our sewer was backing up and we were really not wanting to spend the night in a hotel or camping in the backyard. We couldn't even flush the toilet because more w and ter would just come back up the sewer drains. There was a pretty significant clog, Mike was great and cleared it for us and was exceptionally pleasant. We had called 4 other places, some who had said they were open 24/7, roto rooter was the first to respond in being able to come out same day, after hours. It was $79 more being after 6pm Monday through Saturday, but my kids were able to sleep in their own beds the same night, and the cost wasn't much different than a hotel stay would have been. So grateful Mike was willing to work so my family could have our home back the same day our issue started.

Ronnie R.

Ricky is the man! Went way above and beyond - and I can say that with certainty because I’ve had other reps from different companies come out to perform essentially the same job and their services fell flat by comparison. Got the temporary issue fixed, thanks to Ricky’s persistence on multiple passes with different lines. And I also got a solid diagnosis on what the bigger issue at hand is, even if it’s not what I wanted to hear. All this done on a moment’s notice and well into the night. Ricky genuinely seemed to care about the root (literally) of the problem and doing his best to resolve it. Very pleased with his work and attitude.

Chris G.

Josh came out on a sunday when our main sewer line was backing up. We couldn't flush or do laundry because it kept flooding our basement drain. He came within the 3 hr window they gave us. Quoted the job up front on price and got to work. He was very clean and great. Really nice guy! Got it all working great! Definitely would call them again although hoping we won't ever have to! Thanks Roto Rooter and especially Josh!! Thanks!

Linda K.

I had a mainline back up. I had three different bids. I went with Roto Rooter and was so pleased with Steve the plumber. He took before video picture of the mainline, cleaned it out, Took another camera view after and gave me a thumb drive of the camera videos all the way to the manhole in the street. He also replaced the toilet and hooked up the water softener for me to check the line. I highly recommend Roto Rooter for price and professionalism. You can't go wrong.

Pearl L.

My Service Technician, Matt, Did an Excellent Job on finding out why my Toilet would not work. And I ended up with a More up to date Toilet. Thank You.

Cindy T.

I had a burst pipe 3 weeks ago the service today very different than what I received from the last plumber. ( a competitor) Mark is is the best in every way! If I can get him every time I have a plumbing problem you have a customer for life. Just exceptional knowledge, concern and proactive so I hope you let him know how lucky you are to have him.

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In addition to the Salt Lake City metro area we offer Plumbing services for the following communities: Ogden, Sandy, Provo, Orem, West Jordan and more.